From Me To You, From You To The World

by The Bedsit Infamy



Originally self-released in early 2003, the songs found their way onto a mix tape to Ruby Banazan, owner of Banazan Records. The EP was given an official indie-label release after Ruby fell in love with the songs. All Banazan copies have sold, however, some physical copies of the original self-release remain.


released March 5, 2005

Billy Bedsit - Vox, Guitars, Drums, Handclaps, Keyboards
Brad Turner - Bass, Handclaps

Cover by James Hill



all rights reserved


The Bedsit Infamy Denver

The Bedsit Infamy fuses the sounds of college radio favorites like the Smiths and I.R.S. Records-era R.E.M. with the gumball synths of early MTV staples by the Cars and Talking Heads. Billy Armijo's shimmering guitar work and Brad Turner's Motown-inspired bass patterns drive the tunes out of your speakers and into your heart. ... more

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Track Name: Appleby
Don’t cover your eyes
I don’t think the sunrise is too bright.
As far as Harvard girls go, I think you’re all right.
Oh, the things I’ll do just to catch your eyes.

Don’t cover your face
Put that book down and tell me about your life.
A first grade teacher and once a wife!
Tell me, tell me, what was it like?

Don’t cover your smile
I can tell that you are lonely and you’re bored.
I want to make you feel all that you’re worth
These things, I say, I say just to catch your eyes,
Your eyes…

Oh, Rosemary, could I ever be
Your Edward Appleby?
I checked out his books, your writing’s on the pages
(it was a long time ago)
Hh, Rosemary, your husband had imagination
(but now he’s gone)
Oh, Rosemary, could I ever be,
your Edward Appleby?
Track Name: All The Girls Want To Know, Who's The Cutest Boy On Death-Row?
Katy got her art degree
She disappeared from Puget Sound
But she could be found.

Kyra, hey don’t you cry
You’re all that you have and I
Could never play your violin.

Erin had the worst of luck, she’s been through two cars
And a pick-up truck.
She’s waiting for the thieves to strike again.

Emily, don’t hate me,
Make-up the faces of celebrities
Visit the grave of Kerouac.
[I want to hear from you, all right?] all right. All right.
[I want to hear from you, all right?] I’ll write.

Angie passed her medical exams, she was eager to start a family,
So she threw out her diaphragm.

All the girls want to know, who’s the cutest boy on death row?
Track Name: Our Stuffy Apartment
Do the walls bleed where I once used to live?
Did you change your mind about renting that apartment out from me?
Do you look at the time, time to leave,
Time to go, nowhere to go.
Time to go, nowhere to go.

And what do you have in the spot where I had my coffee table,
my records, and CD’s?
is it a plant or a rug or a TV?
A plant, a rug or TV?

How about your bed, do you feel safe enough to sleep at nite?
And what of your friends, do you invite them over to have a drink?
And in the kitchen do you ever sit down to think,
Of all those holes in the wall,
Of all those holes in the wall?

What kind of person used to live here before?
And don’t you for one minute think it was some naïve, young, melodramatic boy,
Yes I know, oh, I know who you are.
Some melodramatic boy.

No! Not me!
(melodramatic boy)
No! Not me!
(melodramatic boy)
No! Not me!
(melodramatic boy)
Track Name: Rocky, Won't You Finish Pre-Med?
In the morning, I’ll wake. Too nervous, must get a grip.
I’ve forgotten my place.
Is it seat B-4, B-4? be-fore i…
…fall down.
Muscle, skin and bone.

In the morning, I’ll wait.
Is my dad okay? Should I stay?
Tissue, ligaments and fate.
(this cadaver is my final exam grade)

I fall down. Dad doesn’t know, he’s so sick.
I want to throw away the books and quit.

In the morning, I’ll wait. The deans suspended me, so what?
So what? What?!
Dad’s lost his fight
Good bye, good bye, good?

I fall down. Credit checks and loans.
Is that really so bad?